What is the overrated word, “WORK”?

Well, it all depends on you how you define work as. Sorry to disappoint with the topic, if I have. In general perspective work means engaging in an activity which brings economic inflow. However, I believe that work also includes non-financial activities. It means that we are working in every stage of life.


We spend our childhood by schooling, playing and learning different kinds of things. We make ourselves busy in those activities. A child likes playing and dislikes studying.  Both are work. The only different part is he loves to play; that's why he enjoys it and vice versa is with the case of studying.


When one becomes adult, he has to bear more responsibilities. S/he needs to engage himself/herself in some kind of financial activity to sustain their living. Let's take an example of married couple. Here, either husband may earn or wife or both. Along with it they have to do their household work too. So either both may do both type of work or, household activity and earning activity may be divided between husband and wife. Even though one doesn't bring economic inflow it doesn't mean that he/she is not working.


We can find some people working for money even in their old age. And some take care of their grandchildren. They pass on culture to the younger by teaching them. It is also a kind of work.

To conclude, we are working throughout the life. But what matters is; are we really enjoying the work we are doing. When one is adult, they tempts to do work which they may not enjoy. It brings frustration in most of the people. Simply we can look after an example of a child where he enjoys playing and hates reading. Why? Because our interest matters. So while doing any work;

Follow your interest, chase your dreams.

And do what you really want to do.

When you do the work you love, you will enjoy it and will never feel as if you are working. But the thing is, we never stop working unless we stop working and we are all aware what it does mean, right?


Ramita Tulsibakhyo, ramita.tulsibakhyo@suvodassociates.com.np


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