Why Us?

A. UHY Suvod Associates delivers value

We at UHY Suvod Associates believe and emphasize on quality rather than price. Value from a Professional CA firm is about the quality of the work and the merit of the advice. Expect our work to be accurate and insightful. We stand behind it. We pride ourselves on hard work and low overhead, which allow us to keep our fees competi- tive. With our reputation, size, service and experience, you can consider us a good value.

B. A Detailed Transition Plan

UHY Suvod Associates places a great deal of emphasis on becoming familiar with new clients’ financial decision makers quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. If engaged, we will work with you and management to develop a detailed transition plan and discuss with you the areas you feel may want a fresh look. Your reporting timeline requires careful planning and coordination. We will work with your accounting group to properly plan and coordinate the audit to meet deadlines.

C. Proactive Planning & Communication

One of the first things you will notice about UHY Suvod Associates is that our professionals are in frequent contact with you during the year. We pay careful attention to the challenges you face in order to offer timely, proactive advice resulting in a better client relationship. This knowledge sharing between your team and ours is beneficial in determining solutions that are effective and proactive.

D. Quick Response Time without Hidden Fees

We respond to questions quickly and do so without hidden fees. We do not bill for responses to your day-to-day questions that require no significant investment of research, time or other costs. Providing a high level of value for the fees you pay is an integral part of our basic engagement philosophy.

E. Timely Delivery of Audit & Confidence in Financial Statements

Performing your audit according to your timeline and providing a timely audit report are essential to your operations and among the expectations you have of your auditor. When these key items are delivered, confidence is established in the technical ability and professionalism of your service team. As described below, responsive reliability is one of our client service standards and meeting your timeline is something you can expect from UHY Suvod Associates.

F. Our quality proven by the international medias

UHY Suvod Associates recently received an award for the best “Full Service Accountancy Firm of The Year in Nepal” by Global Awards 2014 which proves that quality is rec- ognized not only at the national level but also internationally.

G. Our experience

Since its establishment in 2050 B.S. UHY Suvod Associates has been conducting all kind of A&A (Auditing and Accounting) as well as financial and tax advisory works. We have performed Statuary, Tax, Internal, DDA, NFRS Advisory and Performance audits of many organizations and also provided advisory and accounting services to many entities organizations. We also have a wide experience in auditing of INGO’s/NGO’s and other foreign fund assisted projects.