Life Audit: What is your plan to survive?? It’s time to think differently and do differently…

Especially for those who think in there isn't anything worth doing in Nepal:

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the global workforce, tens of thousands of Nepali migrant workers based in various labor destination countries have returned home. Now, it’s in your hand whether you want earn money being with family or being alone in foreign country where you don’t have anyone to support you. In order to move forward we must be honest with ourselves about where we are and face  our current situation. Why are we running when we have wonderful opportunities in our own home land “Nepal”? Nepal - where our family members are here for our support .We will be Happy, Joyful and will have our great life here itslef. Just put all your efforts and hard-work in our own soil.

Real story for motivation purpose

A man named Hari Rawat from my village has been earning a good income even during the lockdown. He was working as a watchman in India for earning livelihood for his family, returned home during the lockdown and started cultivating vegetables in the village. Now he is earning a good income from selling vegetables. He is now earning more than Rs. 50,000 a month. He has planted seasonal and non seasonal vegetables, including cabbage, radish and tomato in his 5 ropanis of land. He had worked in India for 15 years, but had not been able to send Rs. 5000 a month by saving from his salary. But now he started earning more than Rs. 16,000 a week by selling vegetables. Now, his income made his life easier to feed his two sons and four daughters and other expenses including school fees.

Another real story

Youths returned from abroad engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry

Four youths of my village who had gone abroad in search of work, have returned to Nepal and engaged in commercial agriculture and animal husbandry. They collected 2.5 million each from four investors and Agriculture and Live stock Farm have been brought in operation by setting up fund of Rs. 1 million. 50 buffaloes were imposed; some pigs and tunnels are being made for vegetable farming.  They are ready to cultivate pure organic vegetables from the manure by raising buffaloes, calves, pigeons and chickens by renting 60 ropanis of land.


Earns billions from Onion cultivation

Nepal is spending billions on onion import. About 106,834 tons of onion worth Rs. 4.21 billion has been imported in fiscal year 2019/20. Nepal holds good potential for onion production; however the country is spending billions for onion import due to low production. Launching onion focused programme with the co-ordination among three level of government to substitute onion import and make the country self-reliant in onion will also give a huge opportunity for youths to involve in and earn in own country.

Cardamom cultivation

Cardamom has taken a huge market not only in Nepal but also in international market. It is being exported to India, Pakistan, UAE, European countries and United States. Its cultivation gives very good earnings to farmers. Government is also planning to establish a model industry for its good packaging. It also provides employment opportunities to people onward.

There are other many areas where we can do our best with good investment, with the use of latest technology. Peoples have started to do some new business according to their ideas, investment, they are doing their best efforts to do best in own country, fighting with current situation. If we have well determined willpower to do something in Nepal then we can earn Rs. 100,000 per month here itself. It’s all about the time and patience.

Huge Government Support

The government has announced plans to create 700,000 jobs in the fiscal year 2020-21 and  has also set the target of offering self-employment, farming and business opportunities to 179,000 people through Youth and Small Entrepreneur Self Employment Fund and various other loan schemes and programmes, according to sources.

Gaupalika has been implementing various income generating programmes to motivate people in agriculture at home. They have been distributing seeds, building tunnels and other facilities for irrigations to the farmer for using high tech technology in vegetable farming. Gaupalika has been running goat, chicken and pigeon rearing programmes along which hundreds of people have got employment in the village.

Sahakari Sastha also provides financial assistance to farm at affordable rate of interest, training and field visit with various supporting agencies. Softloan for new business is being provided in easy manner.

Sharing the information to our near ones can help them to grow in this pandemic situation.


Richu Ghimire,




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